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Small Wonders Nursery, Pre-School & Forest School

Children Thrive And Grow

We have a unique family environment within our beautiful Georgian premises providing a warm and welcoming setting to you and your family. We have a genuine passion for the care and development for all the children who attend Small Wonders Nursery. Our staff are some of the most caring and kindest individuals we have ever had the pleasure of knowing and their qualifications range from NVQ Level 2 to Level 6. 


Between them, they have over 130 years experience within childcare so you know your children are in the most capable of hands! All our staff are DBS checked and fully trained in paediatric first aid and food hygiene. We take the utmost care of providing an eclectic range of learning opportunities for each treasured individual to meet their developmental & learning milestones. 

 We have a range of different rooms on site including a soft play room, an atelier and each age group having 2 rooms each for general play and messy play. We also have a secure walled garden off site for Forest School and nature exploration. An adventure playground on site where children can play in the mud & nature kitchen. Preschool take part in Forest School activities including holistic play outdoors, learning about nature and the environment.

Our Approach

Everything that we do is based around the children. Each child in the Nursery has a designated Key Person and they will be responsible for ensuring that your child is happy, engaged, has access to activities that they will find interesting, inspire them to use their imaginations and provide hugs and quiet time when your child needs it.

We celebrate every child’s achievement and successes equally. We display all children’s creations and recognise that they are unique. We encourage the children to trust their own creativity and never ever say that any child’s creations are better than another. They are all unique and must be celebrated as such.

We are constantly listening to the children and extending activities in that moment to support the children in extending their learning. The way that we work means that every child can develop an activity to their own specific development milestone and indeed increase their skills and knowledge through play. This works as we have a highly trained and dedicated team in place.

We do not make children sit and do activities; we see that it is our role to display activities that the children will want to engage in that follow their current interests.

We are a fully inclusive setting and have a fully qualified Special Education Needs Lead in the setting. We can work with local authorities and other charities to arrange for training and support for children in our care.

All of our team members are First Aid Trained including the Chef.  All of our staff repeat their Safeguarding training annually although the requirement is every three years. All staff are also trained in supporting children with Autism . Every staff member has a supervision every 6-8 weeks where we are looking at the development of their Key children with them to ensure that all learning opportunities are in place. We offer many training opportunities for all our team members. We are funding degree courses for many staff in the Group.

The Nursery also has a Mental Health First Aider who can support our team and our parents if needed.

MORE System


To motivate our teams to provide the absolute best care and learning opportunities and motivating our children to have the  confidence to explore the environment that we provide.


Opportunities to learn for children and opportunities for our team to continually develop.


Understanding that we take the care of your children very seriously and the trust that you put in us. Developing

relationships with our families is so important to enable us to deliver activities that are focused on our children’s current interests.


To continually develop the environment that the children learn in and to constantly present them with new opportunities to learn.

Settling in Sessions

We do offer two settling in sessions that are free of charge. We do recommend that these are taken as close to your child’s start date with us and that they are on the days that they are going to attend. This allows them to immediately start to build friendships with the children that they will be spending time with.

Session One will normally last between one hour to one and a half hours and we will ask you to stay with us. During this time we will spend time with you gathering as much information about your child as we can. We will make every effort to make your child feel comfortable and secure and for younger children we will ask you to provide family photos that will either be included in your family book that your child can access or on the walls at a lower level so that your child can see them.

In Baby Rooms we will ask you questions about your child’s routine including sleep times and feeds and preferences in terms of comforters. We do ask that children do bring in a comforter if they have one at home.

Session Two will normally last two to two and a half hours and if you are happy to we do ask that you leave your child in our care. You are very welcome to come to the office for a coffee or you are welcome to leave and return at the end of the settling in session. If your child did become distressed we would call you and you are of course welcome to ring at any time to check on your child. This applies throughout your child’s time at nursery and we are always happy to talk to you.

If you feel that your child is then ready to start their booked sessions then we can commence them the following week or if you feel that your child would benefit from some more settling in sessions then we are happy to offer these. We want to make this transition to nursery as easy as we can for both your child and you.

We do completely understand that leaving your child is hard. Many parents tell us that being able to call at any time really does help them. We are here to support you as much as the children in our care. Please do talk to us as we are always there to listen to you or even just for a hug.

Cute Girl

Great nursery, excellent staff and a wonderful setting for my child to grow. 

Parent 2020

My child first started going to nursery 2 years ago. Since, he has developed into a smart and funny young man. Thank you for all your help.

Parent 2020

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