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Welcome to Davyhulme Nursery

Davyhulme Nursery

Exceptional Childcare in Urmston

Welcome to Davyhulme Nursery in Urmston

We are renowned for delivering consistently high quality childcare in Urmston. What makes us truly unique are our team members. We have many team members who have worked with us for many years. We invest in our team heavily with formal training and training that links to our children’s interests and needs at that time.

We take time to get to know you and your children. This means that we can tailor everything and really give your child a unique experience where they will make friends, develop their imagination, learn through play and be truly ready for their next adventure into school.

We use a system called In The Moment Planning and our team must be tuned into the children’s interest and adapt the environment and resources to support their current interest. Learning is all done through play. In our experience this is the absolutely best way to engage children and to develop their interest in learning.

In addition to this we believe that care is the basis of everything that we do. Respect is a large part of our learning process. Our team will always listen, always apologise to children if in fact the child is right, this frequently happens when it comes to Dinosaur knowledge and always ensure that each child has their coat done up and nose wiped.

We understand how difficult it is to leave your child in our care for the first time. We will work with you and your child to ensure that your settling in experience is specific to you. If you do need additional sessions to settle in we are more than happy to do this for you. If you do want to contact us regularly throughout the day to check on your child we are more than happy for you to do this.

A Tradition of Excellence 

If you’re planning ahead and thinking about childcare inUrmston for the first time or maybe you’re thinking about changing day nursery, we know it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. You will be looking for a day nursery that’s safe and clean, that’s bright and inspiring and with a family-feel.

At Davyhulme Nursery in Urmston we pride ourselves on delivering excellent quality childcare and education to each child in our care alongside a "home from home’’ environment where children are encouraged to engage in new experiences and opportunities to learn through play.

Our Nursery in Urmston is an inclusive setting, and we have a fully qualified Special Education Needs Lead. We can work with local authorities and other charities to arrange for training and support for children in our care who have specific needs. 


All of our team members are First Aid trained including the Chef. Our staff repeat their Safeguarding training annually although the requirement is every three years to ensure your child is receiving the best childcare.

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What You Can Expect

Caring And Nurturing Staff

Our main focus is our children and therefore, we have measures in place to ensure your child is getting the care they need. If your child has had medication prior to coming into nursery can you please notify the Room Leader. All medications are stored in a locked medical cabinet or where required a designated fridge. 

Ofsted 'Good' Rating Across All Our Nurseries

The First For Childcare nursery group has an 'Good' Ofsted rating. We are constantly developing our methods and ensuring our quality and standards stay high.

Ideal Environment For Your Child To Grow

Our children LOVE getting messy. We do lots of creative activities that the

children really look forward to and fully engage in. We provide an engaging environment to enable us to produce intuitive and developing children. We very much see ourselves as a resource, constantly updating the environment and offering new and interesting opportunities to learn.

Safeguarding Measures

We ensure your child is kept safe at all times from any dangers. Our entrances are secure and we do ask that you do not allow any other visitors into the nursery. We have measures in place for the safety of your children whilst in our care.

Children Develop Into Fabulous Individuals

Everything that we do in our day nurseries is based around the children. Each child in the Nurseries has a designated Key Person and they will be responsible for ensuring that your child is happy, and engaged. Also, we celebrate every child’s achievement and successes equally. We display all children’s creations and recognise that they are unique.

Delicious Meals To Encourage 

Healthy Eating Habits

We cater for all special dietary requirements and all our food is prepared on the premises. Our aim is always to create interesting and nutritious meals for children of all ages on a daily basis.

A Message From Our Manager's

My name is Jenii Bridge and I have worked at First For Childcare for just under a year. I have a degree in Early Childhood Studies, and I have also gained my Early Years Teacher Status. I have worked in childcare for nearly 15 years.

After working in a variety of settings, I can agree that Davyhulme nursery is the perfect place for me to work. I am surrounded and supported by an amazing team of enthusiastic, professional and passionate team members. We all have the same vision for the nursery which is reflected in our practice. We want to create a calm, nurturing and awe-inspiring environment which provides growth for all that attend here.  As a parent of two children, I have a clear understanding of what I would like for my children and all children that attend Davyhulme nursery.  Children are treated with respect and compassion. We create opportunities to talk and listen to one another as well as exciting provocations and environments to help build important skills, make thriving friendships and help prepare them for the world of further education that awaits them.

Our parents are our partners and have a huge impact on our nursery community. Strong relationships are key to our fundamental values and beliefs at Davyhulme nursery.

Jenii Bridge


Key Contacts

Nursery Managers – Charlotte Watterson and Jenii Bridge

Early Years Teacher – Jenii Bridge

Operations Manager – Danielle

Find Our Nursery...

My name is Charlotte Watterson and I have worked at Davyhulme Nursery for 12 years. I started as an apprentice and worked my way up to Manager whilst gaining my Level 3.

Davyhulme Nursery is a fantastic place to work. I have helped create an outstanding team who all value and appreciate the First For Childcare ethos. We share the same goals and the positive growth mindset to ensure children are nurtured and supported in a home from home environment.  As a parent of two children, who have both attended the nursery, it is clear to see that children and parents appreciate the child led approach we have embedded here. Children have the freedom to explore and investigate, creating their own learning opportunities along the way. Children make long lasting friendships due to the communication between peers and parents, the environment with outstanding provocations and the support given by all the staff within the nursery.

I believe partnerships with parents are a key part of our nursery community. We invite parents to share experiences, views and ideas openly with us and believe that this is the foundation for an amazing nursery for your children to attend.

Charlotte Watterson


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