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For Childcare 

First for Childcare bought their first nursery in 2010. Our owner, as a parent herself, wanted childcare that delivered:

  • Reliable and caring team members that the parent trusted

  • Nutritious food

  • Safe and stimulating resources

  • Secure building

Over the last ten years we have bought 10 nurseries and always used the same measure for each – would I leave my child here? We now have nurseries in North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire.

Over the 10 years we have developed so much and now have our own approach that is focused on MORE

  • Motivation – to motivate our teams to provide the absolute best care and learning opportunities and motivating our children to have the confidence to explore the environment that we provide


  • Opportunities – opportunities to learn for children and opportunities for our team to continually develop



  • Relationships – understanding that we take the care of your children very seriously and the trust that you put in us. Developing relationships with our families is so important to enable us to deliver activities that are focused on our children’s current interests


  • Environment – to continually develop the environment that the children learn in and to constantly present them with new opportunities to learn

Kids in Preschool
A Tradition of Excellence 

Our mission is that every child will develop to their maximum potential at a rate that is appropriate for them and that we build strong relationships with our parents and children to be able to do this. You will know from your own child that they absorb more information and have a longer attention span when the activity is based on something that they are interested in and enjoy. Our whole focus is based around providing an engaging environment to enable us to do this. We very much see ourselves as a resource, constantly updating the environment and offering new and interesting opportunities to learn. All learning is achieved through play.

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